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David E Mysko Inc

23928 Lyons Ave # 201, Newhall, CA 91321-2454 (661) 254-6600

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Current Special

We give discounts for cash patients.

Mission Statement

To continue to provide quality care to our three generations of patients.

Cash Payment Discount

For uninsured patients it’s important to offer a same day pay discount and accept checks, charge cards or cash. That’s the kind of quality service you can expect from a general practitioner doctor that’s been taking care of the community for over 30 years. The long time friendly staff will do everything in their power to make your office visit pleasant and professional. Accepting cash payments is part of this process. Cash payment is always accepted, no tedious health insurance questions asked. A cash discount is part of any same day cash payment at this doctor’s office. This method of medical bill payment covers all services provided within the office.

Services provided at this doctor’s office include circumcisions, vasectomies, immunizations, flu shots, minor dermatological procedures, lab services and x-rays available on premises for quick results. Of course any visit to the general practitioner family¬† doctor’s office for conditions such as colds, sinus infections, seasonal allergies, and any health issue are also covered in the same day pay cash discount service. This is an extremely convenient alternative for any uninsured patient as well as a friendly, sympathetic gesture on the part of the old fashioned general practitioner doctor’s office. This level of care and attention to the public need for cash discount payment options is the type of family friendly service one can expect from this doctor’s office. The staff really goes that extra mile to make sure the patient is taken care of in a warm and friendly environment.

Cash discounts for same day pay, a staff and doctor that are sensitive to patient needs, and a feeling of old fashioned care and service can be received during every office visit. This is the way health care should be administered to all Americans whether they have insurance or pay cash.

Office Staff

Our office staff is extremely friendly and efficient. The long time staff can set up appointments for circumcisions, vasectomies, and minor dermatological procedures all done on an in office basis. Getting the job done and meeting the needs of each and every patient is always the goal of the loyal and caring general practitioner doctor’s office staff. The staff handles all laboratory services on premises for fast results. The doctor also accepts most insurance companies and the friendly staff will check Medicare eligibility to see if a patient qualifies for that payment option. Cash patients are given a discount if payment is made the same day.

The general practitioner doctor’s office staff is trained to be sensitive to the needs of the patients. The office manager has been serving the administration needs of this doctor with care and attention to detail for over 20 years. The staff of this office takes an enormous amount of pride in knowing each patient and family that receives care at this facility. The patients who receive regular health care here are multi generational. People who came in as children now, bring in their own children. Parents, grandparents, and children all trust this family doctor and his long time staff.

The general practitioner doctor’s office staff is there for you when you need fast, friendly, effective treatment. The staff is made up of a family doctor with over 30 years experience, a caring office and medical staff that is very sensitive to patient needs, and a high performance office fully equipped to handle everything from the common cold to minor surgical procedures on site. Some of the surgical procedures done in office are circumcisions, vasectomies, and the removal of moles and skin tags. The friendly staff also handles all immunizations and flu injections. Patients can have their blood drawn, get an eye exam, take care of any necessary x-rays and lab work right in the office without any hospital visits.

The quality and availability of services provided by this very friendly and efficient staff is outstanding. This general practitioner doctor’s office staff offers real old fashioned medical care with high tech equipment and the professionalism you can count on. A friendly staff that knows their patients and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure high quality patient care and satisfaction is what can be expected from this doctor’s office.¬† At this medical office health care is approached by taking care of the community one patient at a time. Treating the patient as a valuable member of the community is the method followed by this general practitioner doctor’s office staff.

This doctor’s office is a top choice for excellent care in a friendly environment. This office is headed up by a family doctor with over 30 years experience taking care of families. He and his staff take care of patients the old fashioned way with sensitivity, support, and common sense. This doctor’s office provides the highest level of quality care.

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"Doesn't Rush You"

"Dr. Mysko always gives an evaluation of your condition without being alarmist."

"He has a great bedside manner and spends a lot of time with me explaining everything and listening."

"Very friendly, deals with all your issues. Doesn't rush you."

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